Hospitality Asset Management

Operating as an Owner's Representative

Global Lodging Advisors represents hotel owners in all communications with their management companies and lenders. Additionally, in concert with the management company, Global Lodging Advisors will oversee hotel operations and generate action plans to monitor the performance, ensuring: accountability, profitability and asset-value protection.

  1. Consultation for brand/franchise and/or hotel management company selection and management agreement negotiation.
  2. Operational Asset Management Advisory
  3. Financial & Capital Asset Management Advisory

Improve Revenues While Controlling Costs

In maximizing the value of your property, Global Lodging Advisors represents hotel owners in their communication with their franchise, management companies and lenders.

We excel in:

  1. Reviewing and auditing performance with hotel management teams.
  2. Identifying and recommending opportunities for improvement.
  3. Developing and implementing action plans to improve revenue, reduce costs and maximize ROI.

For hospitality assets encountering challenges, Global Lodging Advisors assists with:

  1. Workouts of distressed assets and non-performing loans
  2. Foreclosures
  3. Bankruptcy proceedings

Global Lodging Advisors can help improve revenues while controlling costs, improving customer satisfaction, employee training and ultimately enhancing financial performance through proactive asset management techniques.

As part of our hospitality asset management services we also work with 3rd party service providers to streamline back office, accounting and property management systems. We have extensive experience in selecting and managing service providers in a manner that achieves cost savings while freeing up the associates to take care of selling and customer service.